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Configuring Apache Deltaspike through environment variables

While Apache Deltaspike supports a concept of project stages it needs some configuring to use an environment variable like Rails uses RAILS_ENV.

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Deploying a Dropwizard application to OpenShift

Dropwizard applications aren't a good match for the existing Java cartridges on OpenShift. You can however deploy a Dropwizard application using the DIY cartridge.

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Setting up Concordion with Maven for integration tests

There were a few steps to setup Concordion to run during Maven's integration test phase and it wasn't straight forward, or documented in one place. In this article, I put the pieces together as a single set of steps.

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JSP page includes and avoiding a "java.lang.InternalError: name is too long to represent"

There are two methods to include JSP files into page. One runs at compile time, so is like a copy/paste, the second is dynamic, so is more like a function call. This article will explain some of the differences and why you would use one over the other.

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Deploying a Jekyll web site using Vlad the Deployer

The process we use to deploy this web site automatically using Vlad and Rake

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